Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - cảm nhạc tại Musicology
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MusicologyMusic School is located in District 2

Musicology is a multi-lingual music school located in Thao Dien, District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC/Saigon).

At Musicology, we believe that music is best learned with your own music reference by combining theory with solid technique and practice both individually and most importantly with other like-minded people. Our courses are a combination of exactly all that. Customized with your music taste, your level and your progression.

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OurConcept is uniqueit’s for all ages and any level

Our vision is to enrich your daily life by inspiring the way you interact with music. We focus on interplay, rhythm and groove while applying music theory in a practical way across all levels.

Musicology’s concept is unique in Saigon as we focus on improving each student’s individual abilities, even in interplay and band sessions.

Our classes are designed to encourage students to explore their individual instruments as a team with fellow students, facilitating both individual and group expression.

We accept students at every age and any level. We are personal, professional, and flexible. Come and experience our artistic approach to music education.

Welcome to Musicology.

Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - cảm nhạc tại Musicology