Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - học nhạc cho trẻ em


Musicology strives to change and improve society and its people by musical approaches to achieve social, emotional, intellectual and artistic gain. We believe music is metamorphic and can enrich the lives of people in all ages, their families and local as well as global communities.


Our mission is to build a rich creative community consisting of free souls able to feel, enjoy and experience music education. Through joyful direction and tutoring followed by regular performance, you will achieve excellence in music that affects and benefits other aspects in life. You’ll grow musically, artistically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

OurVALUES & PRIORITIESWe started in 2018

We believe in supporting each student to achieve the best possible musical capability and skills. This is achievable by personalize teaching programs based on the student’s level at all time, learning needs, abilities and goals.

Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - Piano


  • Free practicing space, anytime you like.
  • One-on-one music classes and rhythm sessions/band classes.
  • Always focusing on you and your instrument.
  • Experienced and passionate teachers with proficient knowledge and skills.
  • Beautiful, artistic and friendly environment.
  • We value quality consciousness and passion.
  • In-house cafeteria with great selection og beverage and snacks

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