Music Classes for every age and any level

Music Classes at Musicology are dynamic and fun. We have classes in piano, vocal, guitar, bass, drums & percussions for every age and any level. We focus on the individuals in both solo classes and interplay/band classes. Start your musical journey with us!

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Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - Học piano tại Musicology

Music Class – Piano
Focus on the music, rather than only the theory.

The piano is generally considered to be a member of the percussion family because it only makes noise when a hammer hits a string. Our piano classes are focused on how to teach you to play music and how to harmonize with other musicians and singers, rather than how to read music perfectly and how it works in theory. We will teach you theory and technique to grow your improvisation and to express your personality through the piano rhythmically.

Music class – Vocal
Anyone can learn to sing pitch perfect.

Studies show, that singing is about training. Anyone can discern musical notes perfectly well, and can achieve vocal ranges to natural born singers. It’s all about training. Do you love singing or want to be able to? Contact us!

Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - Học thanh nhạc tại Musicology
Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - Học guitar tại Musicology

Music Class – Guitar
The guitar is the world’s second most popular musical instrument, after the piano.

We will teach you to hear common chord changes. It will help you learn tunes off the recording. Knowing basic theory will even help you with songwriting, if that is, what you want to do. No matter what, it will increase your ability to intuitively come up with rhythm parts. We will focus on getting you to enjoy and play the guitar as fast as possible and show you the way to develop yourself with your guitar, sooner than you know.

Music Class – Bass
The bass is not only important in the chemistry of the band, but also integral to creating a solid overall sound.

The bass guitar enables a variety of approaches to performance, from walking bass or playing countermelodies to imitating the kick drum and snare parts of the drum set to full solo lines, imitating/doubling lead instrument lines to lay down a groove to provide percussive effects and much more…

Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - Học bass tại Musicology
Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - Học trống tại Musicology

Music Class – Drums & Percussion
Drum kits are an essential element of the rhythm section.

Percussion instruments and/or drum kits offer a great introduction to playing and reading music, either for fun or for performance. In the solo lessons you will improve you skills, techniques and theory while in the interplay or band sessions, you will put those skills, techniques and knowledge to use. Beginners will learn the basics of reading, rudiments and styles common to today’s music. For intermediate and advanced classes, your techniques and skills will be refined and improved. We will give you personalized attention and provide you tools to develop an effective practice routine.

Musicology Practice Room

We have equipped rooms, free of charge for our student, who wants to use the school’s facility to practice interplay, band or just soloing. In fact we encourage our students to do so.

However, if you are not a student at Musicology. Maybe you already are a performing musician who needs a rehearsal space for yourself, your duo, trio or band – it’s totally possible to rent our beautiful equipped practice rooms to do so. We got single sessions or a 10-sessions-card, if you love a great deal. Please contact us for further information.

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Trường Nhạc Quận 2 - thẻ thuê phòng tập Musicology